Faculty members from across the university support the Minor in Sustainability by teaching “sustainability-focused” courses. These are foundational courses with a primary and explicit focus on sustainability, an explicit focus on the application of sustainability within a field, or courses with a focus on understanding or solving a major sustainability challenge. Faculty members also support the minor by serving as faculty advisors on senior capstone projects.


  1. Ellis Adams

    Ellis Adams

    Fellow, Joan B. Kroc Inst. for Int'l. Peace

  2. Corey Angst

    Corey Angst

    Professor, IT, Analytics and Operations

    CSR, ESG, Healthcare

  3. Justin Barfield

    Justin Barfield

    Associate Professor of the Practice, Art, Art History, and Design

    Environmental Concerns, Pollution, Louisiana Gulf Coast

  4. Scott Barton

    Associate Professor, Africana Studies

    Food security, food apartheid, food systems, traditional foodways, natural resources, cultural studies

  5. Peter Bauer

    Peter Bauer

    Professor Emeritus, Provost Office

    Electric Transportation, EVs, HEVs, Autonomous (energy optimal) driving

  6. Susan Blum

    Susan Blum

    Professor, Anthropology

    Food systems

  7. Tobias Boes

    Tobias Boes

    Department Chair, German and Russian Langs and Lit

    Environmental issues in literature and the arts; German energy policy

  8. Peter burns

    Peter Burns

    Henry Massman Professor of Civil Engineering

    Nuclear fuel cycle, Waste disposal, Actinide materials

  9. Elizabeth Capdevielle

    Elizabeth Capdevielle

    Assistant Teaching Professor, Univ Writing Program

    Rhetorics of sustainability; Nature in children's and young adult media; Nature exposure, Mental health, and Cognitive health; Nature exposure and pro-environmental attitudes and behaviors

  10. Stefano Castruccio

    Stefano Castruccio

    Associate Professor, Applied Computational Math & Stats

    Wind energy, Air pollution; Global and regional climate change

  11. Annie Coleman

    Anne Coleman

    Associate Professor, American Studies

    Outdoor sports and recreation

  12. Jon T. Coleman

    Jon Coleman

    Professor, History

    Environmental history, Animal history, American West, Appalachia

  13. Brian Collier

    Brian Collier

    Associate Professor of the Practice, Alliance for Catholic Education

  14. Father Terrance Ehrman

    Terrence Ehrman

    Assistant Teaching Professor, Theology

    Theology and Ecology

  15. Donna Glowacki

    Associate Professor, Anthropology

    Culture change, impact of climate and environment on ancient settlement and water management, indigenous traditional knowledge

  16. Kristin Haas

    Assistant Teaching Professor, Theology

    Religion and ecology, especially contemporary Catholic ecological theology and the ecological significance of the Catholic theological tradition (scripture, ecclesial life and practice, the lives of the saints, and prayer).

  17. Alan Hamlet

    Alan Hamlet

    Associate Professor

  18. Ronald Hellenthal

    Ronald Hellenthal

    Professor Emeritus, Biological Sciences

    Insects, Pesticides, Water resources, Water quality

  19. Amy Hixon

    Amy Hixon

    Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences

    Sustainable energy, intersection between society and the environment

  20. Alexander Hsu

    Assistant Teaching Professor, Institute for Asia & Asian Studies

    Buddhism in Asia; Buddhism and other Asian religions' role in sustainability efforts in Asia and beyond

  21. Debra Javeline

    Debra Javeline

    Associate Professor, Political Science

    Climate Change Politics, Adaptation to Climate Change, Coastal Homeowners in a Changing Climate

  22. Rosemary Kelanic

    Assistant Professor, Political Science

    Security studies, international relations theory, energy conflict

  23. Evan Kirby

    Associate Professor, Physics

    Methods to prevent and mitigate climate change, spectroscopic detection of methane leaks, physics of renewable energies

  24. Maria McKenna

    Professor of the Practice, Inst for Educational Initiatives

    Land based learning with youth, ecoliteracy, Montessori education, race and ecological justice

  25. John Mclaughlan

    Jason McLachlan

    Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

  26. David Medvigy

    David Medvigy

    Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

    Global Change Biology, Climate Change

  27. John Mellor

    Associate Professor of the Practice, Dean's Offc-School of Architecture

    Architecture and construction

  28. Sisi Meng Profile Size E1536851092273 300x180

    Sisi Meng

    Assistant Teaching Professor, Keough School of Global Affairs

    Climate Change Adaptation, Disaster Risk Reduction, Community Resilience

  29. Sam Miller

    Samuel Miller

    Teaching Professor, Management & Organization

  30. Muller Marc

    Marc Muller

    Adjunct Associate Professor, Civil & Envr Engr & Earth Sciences

    Water, Food, Conflicts

  31. Robert Nerenberg

    Robert Nerenberg

    Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences

    Water, Cities, Urban Infrastructure

  32. Svetlana Neretina

    Svetlana Neretina

    Concurrent Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

    Nanotechnology Solutions for Sustainability and Energy

  33. John Onyango

    John Onyango

    Associate Professor, Dean's Offc-School of Architecture

    Buildings, Urban, Energy modeling, Materials thermal performances

  34. Philip J Sakimoto

    Philip Sakimoto

    Professor of the Practice, Physics

    Climate Change Education for the Public

  35. Samantha Salden Teach

    Samantha Salden Teach

    Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies, School of Architecture

  36. Christian Smith

    Christian Smith

    The William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Sociology

  37. Jennifer Tank

    Jennifer Tank

    ND-ECI Director

  38. Father Oliver Williams, C.S.C

    Oliver Williams

    Associate Professor, Management & Organization

    Human rights, Labor Issues, Environment, and Anti-Corruption