"Sustainability is the possibility that humans and other life will flourish on the Earth forever." —John R. Ehrenfeld

The Minor in Sustainability at Notre Dame

Sustainability lies at the intersection of humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Rooted in the tenets of Laudato Si', the minor aims to train future professionals who will address the most pressing issues of climate change and sustainability. The program's focus is empowered by emphasizing each student's disciplinary expertise coupled with interdisciplinary collaboration. In order to address the complexities of global challenges in the face of climate change, new approaches and bold creativity are needed.

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All Majors Welcome!

The minor is an interdisciplinary program, hosting students and drawing courses from the College of Arts & Letters, the College of Science, the School of Architecture, Mendoza College of Business, and the College of Engineering. 

“It is truly empowering to spend part of my week in a room full of people driven to do good for this planet-–those willing to do what is necessary; people who are not hindered by their own attitudes, and rather have a mindset that there is still hope, who want to collaborate and nurture abundance, and who recognize the two-way transaction we must have with the world around us.”

—Lauren Schanbel, Class of 2024





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